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Attack Sequence from Closed Guard - Abraham Marte

Abraham Marte - Subs and Sweeps From Guard • 2m 33s

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  • Subtle Sweep to Mount - Abraham Marte

    Using the same two-hand lapel pull set up, Abraham shows a very inconspicuous sweep from the closed guard position. This technique is implemented when his opponent attempts to re-center to recover his posture and balance. Abraham capitalizes on this to deliver a sweep. This technique involves a ...

  • Breaking Posture to Back Take - Abrah...

    Breaking your opponent’s posture is extremely important when setting up attacks from the closed guard. It’s one of the things you’ll hear your professor telling you to do at an early stage. Controlling his posture will prevent him from easily opening your closed guard, and eventually passing. It ...

  • Triangle from Armbar - Abraham Marte

    This transition works well if Abraham’s opponent defends the armbar. Perhaps they lift the leg on top of the face to escape, or are able to wiggle free of the armbar. This transition can also be planed for, and a failed armbar is simply the bait for the triangle.
    - Issue 37