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Alberto Crane - Mastering the Crucifix

Alberto Crane - Mastering the Crucifix

Alberto made his living as a fighter. Now his focus is more on growing his already successful business and on his students. The former King of the Cage champ and UFC vet, trained jiu-jitsu under Vinicius Magalhães, known to many in jiu-jitsu simply as “Draculino.”
- Issue 39

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Alberto Crane - Mastering the Crucifix
  • Alligator Roll - Alberto Crane

    Now let us imagine your opponents didn’t fall for that. They wisely identified the crucifix and avoided it by a turn of their elbow so their arm wraps around your base leg, similar to the way you would move the arm for an omoplata.
    - Issue 39

  • Crucifix Counter in the Deep Half - Alberto Crane

    The deep half guard is a popular position used by many gi and no gi practitioners. It’s likely that you’ll get caught in a deep half position at least once every time you train. Applying the Crucifix from this position is a slick alternative to frantically trying to pull your foot out.
    - Issue 39

  • Crucifix from the Back - Alberto Crane

    The back is a very dominant position in jiu-jitsu. Many people have gotten very good at defending the back position, not allowing you to sink in a choke of any kind. The crucifix is a great way to break down their defenses and reward yourself for reaching the dominant position.
    _ Issue 39

  • Crucifix from Standing - Alberto Crane

    Smart opponents will shoot for a single leg by attacking the front leg. On the off chance that they attack the back leg or attempt a fireman’s carry, the crucifix is a great way to punish your opponent for either making such an elementary mistake or for the audacity that they would dare try a fi...

  • Defending the Crucifix - Alberto Crane

    Being able to perform a proper Crucifix is the first step to understanding how to defend it. Identifying this attack will be key to learning how to avoid being put in the position all together- effectively sidestepping the problem. On the road to mastering how to avoid the Crucifix, you’ll likely...