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Anderson Silva - No-Gi Techniques With the  Spider

Anderson Silva - No-Gi Techniques With the Spider

Anderson Silva is more widely known for his triumphs in the octagon than anything else. These skills as an MMA artist often overshadow his individual abilities as a striker and grappler.
- Issue 51

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Anderson Silva - No-Gi Techniques With the  Spider
  • Half-Guard Sweep - Anderson Silva

    While defending with the lockdown is effective and will keep you safe, it’s good to try to reverse the fight when the moment arises. Here’s an effective sweep for such a setting.
    - Issue 51

  • Intro - Anderson Silva

    Meet one of the greatest fighters that MMA has ever seen and learn a few of his favorite techniques.
    - Issue 49

  • Half-Guard Escape to Armbar - Anderson Silva

    With a similar setup to the sweep, Anderson maintains the lock-down control and moves his opponent over to one side as he slips out the other way.
    - Issue 51

  • Standing Arm Triangle - Anderson Silva

    This is a handy move worth learning should you ever find yourself in a stand up situation in close quarters, or in an MMA match. The clinch is a fundamental position in Muay Thai. Although most would opt to throw knees or elbows, Anderson shows us a submission from this position. - Issue 51

  • Rear Naked Choke - Anderson Silva

    Still maintaining the lock-down, Anderson shows it is possible to achieve a rear naked choke. The RNC is an excellent no-gi submission and Anderson’s entry will work well for many body types and jiu-jitsu styles.
    - Issue 51