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Close Guard to Back - Andre Galvao

Andre Glavao - Exploring Closed Guard • 4m 16s

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  • Lotus Flower Sweep - Andre Galvao

    This is a cool back take that opens up for you if your opponent happens to base out with his free hand before you can sweep him with the first sweep. Lots of times if someone tries to base out and stops the motion the person on bottom will try to muscle the move and end up having to drop back dow...

  • Knee bar from Upside Down Guard - And...

    When Andre first showed us this technique I didn’t truly appreciate its simplicity. But after taking a few more looks I can say this is probably my favorite no-gi techniques I’ve seen lately. I rarely play any upside down guard so maybe that’s why I didn’t pay much attention at first. But then af...

  • Sweep Attempt to Triangle - Andre Galvao

    The third and final variation of the lotus sweep that Andre showed us was by far my favorite in the gi. As Andre describes, he always tries to lay out a path with many options when he competes. He’ll go for A, but if that doesn’t pan out there’s always B, and of course C, and so on. The triangle ...