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Garry Tonon - Leg Locks

Garry Tonon - Leg Locks

Garry started his grappling career as a high school wrestler, later he discovered jiu-jitsu and earned his black belt under Tom DeBlass in Brunswick, New Jersey. When Garry’s not on the road he’s back home in New Jersey teaching at Brunswick BJJ nearly every day. Garry’s nickname is the “Lion Killer” for his use of the Mata Leao (lion killer in Portuguese), also known as the rear naked choke. However, Garry’s become known as a leg lock specialist due largely to the fact he’s recently been training with John Danaher and Eddie Cummings. Between the three of them there are no legs safe within a hundred yards.
- Issue 37

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Garry Tonon - Leg Locks
  • Breaking Down Toe Holds and Heel Hooks - Garry Tonon

    Toe holds and heel hooks can be a little confusing when you’re first exposed to them. Because many leg locks are only legal in brown and black belt competitions, they’re uncommon in many schools. However, in no-gi and submission grappling tournaments they’re more common than chokes. Garry’s going...

  • Attacking DLR to Inverted Heel Hook - Garry Tonon

    For many of the leg attacks in this article, Garry’s going to start off from a position that originates from the reverse De la Riva. The RDLR is similar to a half or quarter guard position. The person on the bottom has his inside leg wrapping around the inside leg of the person standing. The pers...

  • Heel Hook Counter to Toe Hold - Garry Tonon

    This is a foot lock that’s legal in the gi at the brown and black belt level, it’s also legal at most no-gi submission tournaments. Garry uses the same entry as before, whereby he’s sitting on Eddie’s chest while controlling the target leg.
    - Issue 37

  • DLR Attack to Toe Hold - Garry Tonon

  • Toe Hold to Heel Hook Transition - Garry Tonon

    Many of us are familiar with common transitions when attacking the upper body. The transition between armbar, to triangle, to omoplata is a common one, probably the first sequence we all learn. There are many sequences that we can transition from as we become more aware of leg locks. This one tha...