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Long Step Pass From Side Smash Position - Lucas "The Hulk" Barbosa

Lucas “The Hulk” Barbosa - Takedowns, Passes, Arm Triangle • 2m 38s

Up Next in Lucas “The Hulk” Barbosa - Takedowns, Passes, Arm Triangle

  • Pass Variation From Side Smash - Luca...

    Instead of the Long Step Pass, Lucas can also switch to a Leg Drag position and pass to Side Control from there. This requires you to make a quick transition from Side Smash to Leg Drag which can be tricky but becomes more fluid with drilling.
    - Issue 50

  • Back Take From Side Smash - Lucas "Th...

    Lucas also shows how to take the back from Side Smash position. He switches again to a Leg Drag position, then lifts his opponent to create space for his knee to take the back. The lift is similar to a Stack Pass position.
    - Issue 50

  • Arm Triangle From Side Control - Luca...

    Once he passes the guard, Lucas likes to immediately go for an attack. The first submission we’ll learn starts from Kesa-Gatame side control.  This is a traditional mat hold from judo that can help us isolate our opponent’s near side arm to set up a submission.
    - Issue 50