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Master Claudio Franca - Self-Defense Techniques

Master Claudio Franca - Self-Defense Techniques

As a young child, Claudio had asthma and difficulty breathing. His doctor told his parents they should get him involved in some sort of sport, so they put him in judo and swimming. He didn’t care for the swimming too much, but really enjoyed judo.
- Issue 42

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Master Claudio Franca - Self-Defense Techniques
  • Straight Arm Choke Defense - Claudio Franca

    In a confrontation on the street, there might be a hesitation by your attacker to throw a strike, instead they’ve chosen to push you up against a wall with a hold of your throat and with the threat of throwing a strike. Regardless, it’s go time! You’re in danger. Do not hesitate one bit to reduce...

  • Bent Arm Choke Defense - Claudio Franca

    If your attacker is choking you with their arm bent and is closer to you, your defending technique must be modified. The quarters are tighter, the odds of successfully throwing that cross and landing it where you need are reduced and probably wouldn’t have the same effect. Instead, Claudio demons...

  • Escape and Counter - Claudio Franca

    This one, when demonstrated, looks too easy. It’s a simple and effective escape if someone is leaning into you and trying to control you against the wall. You have no idea what their intentions are, it could be a head butt, a groin attack, or anything. For those reasons, you do not want to be her...

  • Defending Punches from the Mount - Claudio Franca

    Somehow your attacker has you on the ground and you’re mounted, not a good position for sure. Here are two different defenses you can use depending on what type of strike they’re throwing.
    - Issue 42