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Passing the DLR From Kneeling - Ricardo De La Riva

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Interview - - Ricardo De La Riva

Ricardo De la Riva - Beat Him at His Own Guard • 7m 1s

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  • Passing the DLR From Kneeling - Ricar...

    This is a good pass to use when you identify that your opponent is trying to establish a DLR Guard. This pass shuts down the DLR before it has a chance to develop.

  • Standing Pass to Side Ctrl - Ricardo ...

    It’s very common that whenever someone attempts to pull guard, one of the guards they will attack with is a DLR guard. Ricardo shows a good way to attack the DLR from the standing position.

  • DLR Sweep 1 - Ricardo De La Riva

    Over the years, the DLR guard has found a level of popularity amongst practitioners. Because of this, Ricardo has come up with some clever answers to some of the ways that people attach the DLR. Ricardo shows us a nice sweep that can be used against some common DLR counters.