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Rodrigo Freitas - Versatil Gi Passes, Sweeps and Subs

Rodrigo Freitas - Versatil Gi Passes, Sweeps and Subs

Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil Rodrigo began training in the art of jiu-jitsu as a teenager. Although he originally started in other martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the one that stuck.
- Issue 50

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Rodrigo Freitas - Versatil Gi Passes, Sweeps and Subs
  • Intro - Rodrigo Freitas

    Meet Rodrigo Freita.
    - Issue 50

  • Sweep From Spider Guard Sweep Spin - Rodrigo Freitas

    Momentum sweeps are the truest of jiu-jitsu sweeps. They really allow you to take advantage of your opponent’s size and energy against them.  They also require the least amount of energy because they rely on your opponent’s energy as opposed to your own.
    - Issue 50

  • Sweep From Spider Guard - Rodrigo Freitas

    Spider guard is a very versatile position in jiu-jitsu that many practitioners love. This sweep in particular works when your opponent has one knee up and one knee down.
    - Issue 50

  • Lasso Guard Pass Variation - Rodrigo Freitas

    Many times the pass doesn’t go as planned. Having just one plan of attack often results in getting swept or submitted. Thankfully, Rodrigo gave us a variation to the Lasso Guard pass that puts his opponent in, what I
    would call, an uncomfortable position. This technique starts off from the end ...

  • Lasso Guard Pass To The Back - Rodrigo Freitas

    Now, let’s say you’re in the lasso and you want to go straight for your opponent’s back. No problem. Rodrigo has a solution just for you! This technique begins from the end of Step 4 of the previous technique; the only difference is moving to the back instead of settling for side control.
    - Iss...

  • Lasso Guard Pass - Rodrigo Freitas

    The Lasso Guard is an open guard technique that when used properly can really give your opponent a tough time. Here, Rodrigo shows a simple but effective technique allowing you to pass into a side control position. In this situation, Rodrigo’s right arm is caught in the lasso guard, and his left ...

  • Untraditional Triangle From Side Mount - Rodrigo Freitas

    Now that you’ve gotten the side mount position, it’s time to go for the finish! Normally, triangle chokes happen from the guard position. Rodrigo shows a cool little way to achieve it from the top.
    - Issue 50