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Vinny Magalhaes - No-Gi Finishes

Vinny Magalhaes - No-Gi Finishes

Vinny Magalhaes showed us a great sequence of attacks off a failed omoplata. If you haven’t seen those, go check them out now.
- Issue 53

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Vinny Magalhaes - No-Gi Finishes
  • 50/50 to Toehold - Vinny Magalhaes

    The 50/50 guard is an interesting position. Whatever attack or defense you have, your opponent can have as well. If you’re in the 50/50, and you’re not quick to defend, you’re open to an inverted heel hook. This is one reason competitors in 50/50 will immediately figure-four their legs to mount a...

  • Half Guard To Kneebar - Vinny Magalhaes

    This is a kneebar from Half Guard that Vinny likes because it leaves you less vulnerable to a counter than the more conventional approach. What is more common when in someone’s Half Guard is to swing the free leg over across your opponent and then fall to the side to attack the leg. Instead, Vinn...

  • Rubber Guard to Triangle To Kimura - Vinny Magalhaes

    On the bottom, Vinny likes keeping his opponent close in the clinch. This method of guard is effective in grappling and more so in MMA where too much distance with an opponent in your guard can spell disaster. One closed guard that Vinny likes using is Rubber Guard. Vinny has spent time training ...